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With years of successful project implementation experience, Citrix Consulting can help you achieve the highest levels of efficiency, manageability and agility for all of your strategic IT services – from enabling mobile workstyles to delivering cloud services.

Simplify your journey – let us guide you

Accelerate your implementation and minimize risk by taking advantage of Citrix Consulting. You’ll get the expertise of seasoned Citrix Consulting Architects with direct access to engineers, lifecycle maintenance and support escalation teams to successfully deploy Citrix solutions in any phase of your project.

Experience and expertise

We’ll bring 25+ years of experience, along with the benefits of a comprehensive Citrix solution, to enable business mobility for your organization.

Tools and automation

Our highly automated tools configure the basics, empowering our consultants to dedicate their expertise to customizing and refining your solution.

Results that matter

Our consultants will learn your business and goals, delivering a Citrix solution that produces the most value to your organization.

On-demand and ongoing

Leverage the technical expertise of on-site consultants or remote-delivered services for design validation, post-launch service improvements, or any need in between.

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Virtualization | Networking | Mobility Management | Cloud Infrastructure

Citrix Consulting Methodology

Minimize risk and deliver maximum business impact.

Citrix Consulting can assist in the definition of the strategy that will help your business take full advantage of these technologies, including solution development, roadmap initiatives and strategic planning, hardware and storage estimation and prioritization.

During the Assess phase, Citrix Consulting reviews your current environment, identifies use cases and gathers detailed requirements for the project. This information allows us to define the project success criteria and set the direction for your proposed Citrix deployment, upgrade, or expansion.

The design phase defines the architecture and operational processes required to implement and maintain the production environment that will satisfy your success criteria. Topics such as environment scalability, redundancy and high availability are addressed. Citrix Consulting will apply best practices for performance tuning to help your environment perform at its best.

During the Deploy phase, Citrix Consulting creates and configures the environment to meet the specifications from the Design phase. This includes supporting the integration of any applications that have been identified in the design and performing thorough testing of all infrastructure components. Citrix Consulting will also guide you through a phased rollout approach to mitigate risk and ensure a successful deployment.

For the long-term health of your Citrix environment, Citrix Consulting can be engaged to perform the continued monitoring and administrative tasks in several different capacities. With onsite and remote delivery capabilities, Citrix Consulting has the experience to keep your environment stable and your users happy.

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