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Citrix Cloud: How it works

Citrix Cloud is a cloud-based management and integration platform

By deploying Citrix software as a service, Citrix Cloud simplifies management of Citrix technologies. Unify virtual apps, desktops, data, device management, and networking on any cloud or infrastructure. This integrated approach is the simplest way to securely create and deliver digital workspaces.

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Services for any stage of your cloud transformation

Whether your organization is just beginning to adopt the cloud or has already achieved a cloud-first approach, Citrix Cloud meets you where you are in your cloud journey. Citrix Cloud services are available to help extend existing on-premises Citrix software deployments, to help create hybrid workspace services, and to provide simple approaches to consuming cloud-native technology.

Why consider Citrix cloud-based management

Deploy, activate, and configure Citrix Cloud services in hours.

Boost IT agility with the most efficient way to manage Citrix technologies.

Manage your apps and data on any hybrid- or multi-cloud infrastructure you choose.

Secure by design, you decide where your apps, desktops, and data reside.

Never perform a Citrix upgrade again with always-up-to-date technology.

The Total Economic Benefits Assessment Guide for Citrix Cloud Services

What you can do with Citrix Cloud

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Our strategic partnerships

Our long-standing partnership with Microsoft continues to grow with multiple VDI deployment options for Citrix solutions on Microsoft Azure—including virtual apps, desktops, data and networking. Customers can provision and deliver workloads on Microsoft Azure cloud platform or choose to deploy VDI with Citrix Cloud services on Microsoft Azure.

Citrix and Microsoft

Citrix and Amazon have been collaborating since the beginning of cloud – first around the Xen hypervisor and then on interoperability between Citrix workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Today, many Citrix Cloud customers look to AWS for a nimble and cost effective cloud services platform.

Citrix and Amazon Web Services

The Citrix and Intel partnership continues to ensure your cloud solution is optimized to deliver powerful, efficient cloud solutions that deliver better virtualization, security, and analytics. No matter where you are in your cloud journey—on premises, hybrid cloud, or public cloud—Citrix and Intel partner to meet you there. Leading cloud provider data center run on Intel architecture.

Citrix and Intel

Manage all Citrix technologies in one place

Citrix Cloud subscription plans starting at $135/year