End-to-end network and application management, visibility, and automation

Visibility and analytics: The missing piece to great application delivery

Manage, monitor, and troubleshoot your entire Citrix ADC infrastructure from a single, unified console

Citrix Application Delivery Management is a centralized network management, analytics, and orchestration solution. From a single platform, administrators can view, automate, and manage network services for scale-out application architectures.

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Enterprise-wide network and application management and analytics deliver powerful visibility across your infrastructure, so you can meet performance and security requirements. In addition to reducing operational costs and simplifying tasks, Citrix Application Delivery Management provides real-time analytics to help administrators identify and address application performance and security issues across the infrastructure. Further, Citrix Application Delivery Management provides application-level integration with external orchestration systems.

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As the demands on your network become more complex, so do the demands on your network service management. These challenges drive up costs and reduce productivity.

Citrix Application Delivery Management simplifies the management of your application delivery infrastructure. Through automated configuration and service discovery, Citrix Application Delivery Management provides faster device deployments, reduces errors during upgrades, and streamlines service delivery. App-centric automation enables administrators to spend less time and effort on granular-level tasks and individual device configuration, freeing up their time and reducing OPEX. Orchestration capabilities also let you automate integration of network services with SDN and cloud management platforms.

Scale-out applications can increase the complexity of infrastructures, drive up OPEX costs, and increase security risks. To regain control and scale out successfully, today’s organizations need to take an application-centric approach to enterprise management.

Citrix Application Delivery Management manages, monitors, and troubleshoots your global app delivery from the data center to your branch offices through a single, unified console. Real-time network analytics information is collected and correlated across users and devices to give a complete picture of the infrastructure. Citrix Application Delivery Management allows you to identify and address performance issues and security threats rapidly and effectively.

Expired and unused SSL certificates are bad for the user and for your bottom line. Citrix Application Delivery Management streamlines every aspect of certificate management. Through a single console, you can establish automated policies to ensure the right issuer, key strength, and correct algorithms, while keeping close tabs on certificates that are unused or soon to expire.

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