Transitioning applications to hybrid cloud

Many organizations are taking hybrid approaches as they migrate their apps to the cloud. Some applications are in the cloud, some remain on premises, and newer applications are sourced as SaaS or developed in the cloud.

This can make it difficult to ensure application availability, performance, and security. Citrix ADC offers an application delivery solution that simplifies application deployments in a hybrid cloud delivery.

Redefining the ADC: Managing hybrid/multi-cloud application delivery

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Having apps in the cloud and on premises means you’re having to juggle multiple monitoring tools. Correlating usage and performance data across these environments can be costly and painstaking when trying to address user issues.

Citrix Application Delivery Management provides a comprehensive application-centric view of both cloud and on-premises apps simultaneously.

You need to be able to choose any cloud that best fits your needs, without being constrained by the supporting resource and tooling infrastructure offered by the cloud provider.

Citrix ADC is a software-first platform that you can deploy on any cloud or on premises. With pooled capacity sharing, you can deploy ADCs and capacity where you need them most.

Many organizations are implementing multi-cloud strategies to manage costs and address concerns around outages and fault tolerance.

When server outages occur in the cloud, Citrix ADC can fail-over workloads to any alternate cloud provider or on-premises.

Connecting to applications in the cloud depends on having reliable connectivity to the cloud. For users in branch office locations, this is even more critical.

Citrix SD-WAN improves the reliability of network links to the cloud by bonding internet links with alternate network lines, such as DSL, satellite, or LTE, to deliver a consistent user experience.

As the number of SaaS applications increases, it’s becoming necessary to reduce the number of enterprise user identities and passwords that are being used over the web.

Citrix Gateway can enable single sign-on capabilities for all enterprise applications, including SaaS.

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Citrix ADC

  • Ensures app delivery to all locations
  • Redirects users automatically and invisibly to a secondary cloud or data center during failover
  • Ensures high availability of core applications and services
  • Enables organizations to use cloud resources as a backup data center

Citrix SD-WAN

  • Bonds multiple WAN links to create a single, secure, logical path
  • Provides increased fault tolerance across network and internet links from branch or data center to the cloud

Citrix Application Delivery Management

  • Application centric visibility and analytics for applications deployed in any cloud 
  • Automates application delivery services across public cloud and on-premise sites 
  • Supports high availability of applications across multi-cloud environments


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