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The Miami Marlins needed a reliable and flexible IT platform to gain competitive advantages on and off the field. With Citrix technology, they can create exceptional customer experiences, streamline business operations, safeguard scouting data, and operate a world-class stadium. So far it’s made a huge difference—increasing agility, security, and profitability.

Key benefits

Key benefits

  • Remote workers can store and share data securely without having to keep a local copy.
  • The sales team can share 3D images of the ballpark seats with potential ticket buyers over the phone, providing a better experience and generating more sales.
  • Employees can work on tablets and mobile devices throughout the stadium and beyond.
  • The team seamlessly relocated hundreds of staff members to the new ballpark in one day.
Customer story

Reimagining the experience of fans and staff

For professional baseball teams, the competition isn’t just on the field. The Miami Marlins, one of 30 Major League Baseball teams, use innovative technology to create exceptional customer experiences, manage business operations, secure scouting and strategy data, and operate a world-class stadium.

To do all of that, they needed a reliable yet flexible IT platform. So they partnered with Citrix to deliver mobile workspace solutions. With Citrix Workspace, they can give their staff remote access to corporate resources, streamline management for IT, and protect the trade secrets that keep them competitive.

With Citrix XenDesktop, salespeople aren’t limited to selling tickets online. They can now meet customers at the ballpark and show them the actual sightline from the seats they want to buy. “The salesperson can take whatever information they’ve got on the customer on the screen, [and] their screen now follows them,” says David Enriquez, the Marlins’ senior director of IT. “He can meet the customer onsite, take them out to the field, and before the customer leaves that seat that he wants to buy, will basically make the sale.”

XenDesktop together with Citrix NetScaler make this possible by allowing the IT department to host corporate apps, including the ticketing platform, and desktops in their data center and make them securely accessible from any device. “Our salespeople don’t need to be at a desk in order to sell tickets, which is our main,” said David Samson, president of the Marlins. “And that is a huge, huge difference in our profitability.”

Securing their competitive advantage

“For us, information is king,” says Michael Hill, president of baseball operations. “You want players who can help you win championships, and if we have to scour the ends of the Earth, we’re gonna do it.”

Marlins’ scouts are mobile “road warriors,” Enriquez says, who travel throughout the U.S. and internationally to find and recruit the most talented players. They need to be able to confidentially share player videos and information from anywhere. “You want that information, and you want to make sure that it’s getting back to you securely and safely, and it’s not falling into a competitor’s hands because, truthfully, that can make the difference in winning a game, losing a game, and ultimately winning a championship,” Hill says.

Citrix XenMobile and Citrix ShareFile allow scouts to use their mobile devices to securely access the corporate environment and share information in real time. “It may mean the difference in us signing him or someone else signing him,” Hill says. “And to have that ability immediately is extremely important to us.”

Citrix technology also helped the Marlins move into a new ballpark in 2012. With virtualized corporate workspaces, employees were able to leave their old stadium on Friday and get to work at the new Marlins Park on Monday morning, without a gap in productivity.

“The baseball calendar doesn’t wait for anyone. And we had games to play, and we had work to do,” Samson says. “My charge to the IT department was to make sure that when we came to work at Marlins Park on day one, we had the ability to go to work at minute one.”

This virtual corporate environment also means less reliance on paper or location for better disaster recovery. “In South Florida, we deal with a lot of issues with weather. We have hurricane planning we do every year,” Enriquez says. “And our hurricane preparedness, our business recovery, and business continuity plan [don’t] depend on one location to be highly available.”

The Marlins rely on Citrix technology to keep their ballpark operations running smoothly—from surveillance to speakers to lighting systems. The IT team creates specific portals for individual vendors to access related to their work for efficiency and increased security.

The Marlins rely on Citrix technology to keep their ballpark operations running smoothly—from surveillance to speakers to lighting systems. The IT team can create specific portals for individual vendors to increase efficiency and security.

“When I think about what we need to be successful as a baseball team the first thing I’m thinking about are our fans, our customers,” Samson says. “I want them every time they come to Marlins Park to have a first-class experience. And in this day and age, that experience comes with having a technologically seamless experience.”

“I view myself in the memory-making business. And if someone had to ask what is the coolest thing you get to do every day, I get to watch kids smile. And I get to make memories for people.”

Our salespeople don’t need to be at a desk in order to sell tickets, which is our main business. And that is a huge, huge difference in our profitability.
David Samson
Miami Marlins
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