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The ability to securely share documents is essential to enterprise mobility—but the need to share, edit, and collaborate on files is just the beginning. Today’s enterprises are looking for a single solution that goes beyond addressing mobility needs to drive document workflows. Companies need a collaborative workspace where anyone can securely exchange, track, edit, and e-sign content. This creates document workflows that fit your business by automating routine processes, such as approval chains.

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Citrix Content Collaboration makes it possible for IT to provide the anywhere, any device data access and collaboration people need, while meeting the organization’s requirements for security, manageability, and compliance.  

Citrix Content Collaboration allows businesses to eliminate the back-and-forth emails and manual versioning that often comes with circulating a document for feedback and approval. Create automated workflows that fit your business forroutine processes such as sending documents for signature or scheduling next steps.

Citrix Content Collaboration provides real-time, secure mobile access to critical business files allowing for secure and instant collaboration, increased productivity, and responsiveness across distributed teams—from the field, online, or offline. Users can securely view, access, edit and approve content anywhere and on any device.

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Citrix Content Collaboration

  • Securely exchange documents with contacts both internally and externally. Annotate or comment on documents while keeping track of file versions.
  • Reduce errors by automating repetitive processes while improving document approval and efficiency.
  • Increase flexibility and support the way you already work with integrations into Microsoft Outlook and Office Online.



Increase efficiency by automating business and document workflows.


Workflows for the modern workforce

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Secure forms simplifies custom workflows and mobile app creation

Improve employee productivity, collaboration, and mobility in a secure environment.