Mobile productivity 

Access, sync, and share files from anywhere, on any device, for easy collaboration and enhanced productivity 


"[Citrix Content Collaboration has improved our productivity by] 100%."

TVID: 106-AC0-E3C

Embrace mobile file sharing and collaboration

Today's employees work and collaborate from anywhere. To achieve true enterprise mobility, they need to:

  • Access an easy-to-use secure mobile file sharing service from any device
  • Eliminate the use of slow file FTP services
  • Collaborate with customers and partners
  • Complete transactions without the need to print and sign

Citrix Content Collaboration gives true enterprise-class data services across all corporate and personal mobile devices while still meeting strict corporate security requirements. Users can access and sync all of their data from any device and securely share it with people both inside and outside the organization for easy collaboration and enhanced productivity. Large file size support and integration with workflow tools, such as Microsoft Outlook, provide an unmatched user experience.

For improved user productivity, Citrix Content Collaboration offers secure apps with a built-in content editor specifically designed for providing a rich and intuitive experience on mobile devices—plus a mobile-optimized website as an alternative way to access data. The Offline Access feature allows users to access and edit their data on the go, without interrupting workflow productivity.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook for quick and secure mobile file sharing 

Through Microsoft Outlook integration, Citrix Content Collaboration users can convert attachments into links and simplify large file sharing both inside and outside the organization. Users can convert attachments into links by default, specify minimum file size for conversion, or decide on a per-email basis. This feature overcomes the attachment size restrictions for sending large files and eliminates potential bounce-backs from the receiver’s email server. With Citrix Content Collaboration, files up to 100 GB can be shared easily on mobile devices.

Users can request files from colleagues or third parties by providing a link where the other party can upload attachments. The sender can also request a download notification and prescribe an expiration policy on the files.

The easy-to-use Outlook plugin has let my partners move on to their next task much faster than our previous process for securing data to send to clients. ShareFile gives them more billable time through the day.
Woods Thomas
IT Director
Daniells Phillip Vaughan & Bock

Save time with on-demand mobile file sync capabilities 

With Citrix Content Collaboration device sync, users can sync their files across all their devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile phones. IT can limit access to the sync feature for specific users, typically those with managed or corporate devices. The sync tool automatically updates to incorporate the newest capabilities available, and the sync clients integrate into Windows Explorer and the Mac Finder.

On-demand sync capability is built into the Citrix Content Collaboration Sync tool for Windows. The capability is optimized for use with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, including those powered by Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Users are able to view all their files and folders as if they reside within the virtual desktop.

File sync is the most important efficiency feature. It’s smooth, reliable, and saves us tremendous time uploading and downloading to our local PCs, where we need to do all our work.
Michael Victoroff
Chief Medical Officer
Lynx Collaborative Care Network